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Affiliate Commissions for April have been paid - May 5, 2024
Morning guys,
Just letting you know that all affiliate commissions due for sales up until April 2024 have now been made.

We'd like to thank you once again for all your efforts... 続ける...
Affiliate Commissions for March have been paid - April 4, 2024
Hi guys,
(Forgot to post that Februarys commissions had been paid!!!) But all commissions due for sales up to March 2024 have now been paid. Thank you all for your efforts as always
Affiliate Commissions for January have been paid - February 3, 2024
'Afternoon everybody,
Hope you're all well and rested after the Festive period and New Year. Just a little announcement to say that all affiliate commission payments due have now been paid.... 続ける...
Affiliate Commissions for Dec have been paid - January 8, 2024
Hi guys,
just caught up with the affiliate payments and all commissions have now been paid.

We'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and wish you a prosperous one with us.続ける...
Affiliate Commissions for Sept/Oct have been paid - November 6, 2023
Sorry for the delay with Paxum payments guys. As some of you may or may not be aware, Paxum have had some issues with being able to load an account. So, we were just waiting for some of our own... 続ける...
Affiliate Commissions for August have been paid - September 3, 2023
We've made the affiliate commission payments for Paxum, Check, Paypal and Bank Wires for August just now.

Can we just extend a huge thanks to all our affiliates for their hard work in... 続ける...
Affiliate Commissions for July have been paid - August 14, 2023
We've made the affiliate commission payments for Paxum and Bank Wires for July just now. The affiliates who have opted to be paid via cheque will be completed this week (we've just seen we used our... 続ける...
Email issues - July 20, 2023
We've been experiencing some email issues with affiliates not getting emails through. We think we've now got this sorted so we thank you for your patience.
Affiliate Commissions for June have been paid - July 8, 2023
Just letting guys know, the first commissions using Paxum have now been made. All other commissions have been paid as normal. If you want to use Paxum as a payment method, just go to your account... 続ける...
New NATS affiliate backbone! - December 5, 2022
Hi guys, as you'll no doubt now see, we've migrated our affiliate program over to NATS. It's the affiliate backbone of choice for all the major websites and networks and our own migration has been... 続ける...